Youth Empowerment through Livelihood Transformation in Agro-Pastoral Areas

Validation Workshop for the Project “Youth Empowerment through Livelihood Transformation in Agro-Pastoral Areas of East and West Hararghe Zones, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia” Conducted on 27th April 2023 in Miesso Woreda Agriculture and Rural Development Office.

The workshop was intended to bring together all the local research translation partners from the four intervention Woredas – Chinaksen, Midega Tola, Miesso, and Gumbi Bordede – to discuss the project progresses, share research outputs and research translated products developed based on secondary data and primary data analysis.

During the workshop, Mr. Adinan Ahmed, Miesso Woreda Agriculture Office Head, delivered a welcoming remark to the participants and appreciated the organizers for bringing together all the stakeholders involved in the research process.

Delegates making a welcoming remark

Mr. Abrahim Sule, on behalf of the Woreda administration, also welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of projects focusing on youth livelihoods. Com. Abbu, also mentioned his team’s preparedness to provide all the needed security assistance and wished for a fruitful deliberation during the workshop.

 Dr. Muluken

The Principal Investigator of the LASER PULSE project at Haramaya University, Dr. Muluken Gezahegn, introduced the agenda and purpose of the workshop. He indicated that the workshop was aimed at validating the research outcomes and paving the way for further collaboration and joint interventions to transform youth livelihoods.

Opening remark by H.E. Dr. Elias Ahmed, Member of Parliament of the FDRE

An opening remark was made by H.E. Dr. Elias Ahmed, Member of Parliament of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. As a policy partner in this project, Dr. Elias stressed the importance of the project in uncovering youth aspirations in an agro-pastoral context, barriers facing the youth in participating in development interventions, and the need to design and implement capacity-building projects targeting youth livelihood transformations by the government, NGOs and other development partners.

After the opening remark, Dr. Getachew Shambel, Primary Co-PI of the project, facilitated the presentation of desk review results on agro-pastoral youth aspirations, opportunities and barriers. There were posters displayed for the participants to go through during the coffee/tea break. This was an interactive session where participants raised some issues based on the posters and briefings were provided by the research team.

The results based on primary data analysis and training needs assessment (TNA) were presented by Dr. Muluken Gezahegn. He focused on the key activities performed and milestones achieved during the project implementation. He also highlighted how the embedded research translation (ERT) approach was utilized in the project to bring about multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration to realize research outputs and research translated products.

Dr. Muluken shared the evidence briefs, discussion papers, articles, datasets and other outputs with the participants. He also mentioned the presentation of the LASER PULSE experience in Benin, Addis Ababa, and Kampala.

Key translation partners and stakeholders attending the validation workshop

After the presentation, group discussion on the desk review results and outputs obtained through primary data analysis was held.

Finally, Mr. Abrahim Sule, on behalf of the Woreda administration, delivered a closing remark highlighting the need to continue the partnership to generate research-informed evidence for decision-making on the design, implementation, M&E of youth livelihood transformation projects and interventions.

Haramaya University Public and International Relations Directorate