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Advisory Services

An information and communications technology (ICT) consultant is a professional appointed to perform expert tasks related to ICT. ICT consultants can advise on the design, structure and efficiency of ICT systems in organisations or on specific projects.

Digital Signage Services

The digital signs at campuses will provide the campuses community with urgent messages and information about campuses events, activities and services. Public Affairs will provide other University entities the opportunity to request posting of information that benefits students and the campuses community on the campus digital signs at no cost.

E-learning Services

Is this your first time here?

If you need technical skills to use the system please follow our  Youtube tutorials 

Dormitory Management System

The Dormitory Management System focuses on the automation of the manual process. The System manages all the dormitory transaction where the owner can easily add, edit delete data's and secure all the records of payment

Clinic Management System

This system automates the services that the Clinic provides. Although it is at its infant stage, it is expected to replace the manual system once fully implemented.

ICT Units

ICT Infrastructure and Service (IS) unit

ICT Teaching and Learning Technology (TLT) Unit 

ICT Technical Support and Maintenance (TSM) Unit

ICT Business Application Development and Administration (BADA) Unit

ICT Training and Consultancy (TC) Unit