Internationalization is expanding in scope and intensity, facilitated by unrestricted communication channels and low-cost travel. Universities across the world are already striving to capitalize on the opportunities by establishing global alliances and creating cooperation with other universities. University collaborations open up a plethora of options for both students and faculty. Along with possibilities for research and cultural understanding, institutions can provide international experiences such as study abroad programs and staff exchanges. In terms of education, benefits include collaborative curriculum development and degree awarding with partner universities.

HU has a long history of pursuing joint research projects. It has formed alliances with local, national, regional, and international institutions operating in the public, private, non-government, and other sectors of civil society. It has a long track record of effectively planning and implementing programs and mega-projects that are sponsored by international donor organizations. In this respect, a diverse variety of projects in agriculture, information and communication technology, health, engineering, and other fields have been successfully funded and implemented. Additionally, there are several ongoing initiatives with partners from all around the world. These programs benefited a large number of community members in the university's mandate area and have been shown to have a life-changing influence on the impoverished and marginalized communities.

HU has produced alumni from a variety of nations throughout the years and has a strong connection to other African universities. Additionally, the University is a part of RUFORUM, an association of more than eighty African universities. This has given a chance to collaborate with other African universities to develop regional programs such as Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM) and Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAE). Since the 2017/18 academic year, the African Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture has welcomed students from several African nations to pursue a transdisciplinary postgraduate study. The Center has been administered collaboratively by national, regional, and international universities such as Bule Hora, Makerere, and Purdue. HU has engaged 182 international students from partner institution around the world.

National Partners

  • The Collaborative Master of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE) (17 African Universities)

International Partners

  • University of Bergen, Norway
  • Minnesota University (USA)
  • Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, (Norway)
  • Cranfield University, Haramaya University, Hilina Enriched Foods Plc
  • Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation
  • Christian relief, USA
  • RUFORUM/Regional University forum for Agriculture, (Africa)
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), (Belgium)
  • North Western University School of Law (USA)
  • Stellenbosch University, (South Africa)
  • University of Washington Seattle, (USA)