Academic Programs

In 2020/21 Academic year, the University ran different programs at PhD, M.Sc./M.Ed./Mph, B.Sc./BA/DVM/LLB levels. The following table shows the number of academic programs offered under different Colleges/Institute in 2020/21.

Program undergraduate programs postgraduate programs Specialization programs Other Special Program Total
Masters PhD
Regular 74 104 28 6 4 216
CEP 7 13 - - 20
Summer 18 31 - - 49
Distance 3 - - - 3

In addition to these programs, HU offers 5 Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate Programs (Both in regular and summer). Moreover, HU has one English Language improvement program.

Regular Academic Programs

Non-Regular Academic Programs

In addition to those regular programs, the university offer the non-regular educational provisions through continuing, distance, and summer modalities. The university started these activities in early 1981s with few programs and has been expanding in depth, width, and magnitude over time and space. A case in point, Continuing Education Program (CEP) commenced in 1981/82, Distance Education Program (DEP) in 2001/02, Summer Education Program (SEP) in 1997/98 G.C and Non-Regular Postgraduate Program in 2003/04.