Research Affairs


Academic And Research Building


Haramaya University has been conducting research and technology exchange (extension) since its inception in 1952. The Office of Research Affairs of the University is in charge of coordinating the research and extension activities. The office has three directorates: Research Groups and Partnerships Directorate, Research Extension and Publication Directorate, and Research Facilities Management Directorate.

As a pioneer institution of teaching, research, and extension, the university has developed and released more than 145 crop varieties, produced over 160 books and research bulletins, more than 100 book chapters, more than 10,000 research articles in peer-reviewed journals, and more than 5000 scientific papers in proceedings. The university also publishes the East African Journal of Sciences, East Africa Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences, East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, East African Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Haramaya Law Review.

Furthermore, the Office has a longstanding tradition of collaborating with national and international institutions through various collaborative projects.



Haramaya University aspires to become one of the best research universities in Africa by the year 2025.


Undertaking demand-driven, problem-solving, and cutting-edge research, and disseminating generated and adapted knowledge and technologies for socio-economic transformation of the society.



The Office is committed to the following values: Academic Freedom, Perseverance, Good Governance, Respect for Diversity, Professionalism, Collaborative Spirit, Fostering Creativity/Innovation, and Respect for Nature and Environment.