Haramaya University is a pioneer in the history of Agricultural Research and Extension of the nation. During 2009/09 academic year research and extension review meeting of the University 134 completed, on-progress and new research projects were presented and thoroughly discussed. Besides, the outreach office has been engaged in demonstration and scaling up of new technologies and farmers training with the objective to transfer knowledge that can boost farmers productivity. Some of the major activities accomplished during the past academic year are as follows.

  1. One new wheat verity (HAR-3116-qulqullu), with higher productivity and disease resistance compared with available verities, was developed through research and sent to seed certification agency.
  2. Regional variety performance evaluations were conducted on different sorghum varieties and two pulse varieties.
  3. On root and tubercrops varietal selection was conducted for highland, midland and lowland agro ecology zones.
  4. On carrot and onion, varieties suitable for eastern Ethiopia were selected.
  5. Other research projects were also conducted on plant pathology, soil and water conservation and animal production

All HU Registered Projects

S.No. Project Title PI(s) Start Year End Year


African Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation  

Prof. Nigussie Dechassa


October 2016


December 2021

2 African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) Mr. Biazen Abrar 2016 2019


Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM)  

Dr. Bobe Bedadi


Oct. 1, 2014


Sept. 31, 2016

4 Access to Justice and Legal Awareness (AJLA) Dr. Richard Wentzell September 2012 August 2018



Awash Basin Sedimentation Modeling

Asfaw Kebede;

Fekadu Beyene


March 2015



Building Ethiopia’s Research Capacity in Economics and Agribusiness (BERCEA)  

Dr. Mengistu Ketema


1 October 2014


31 March 2017



Biological Control of the Invasive Weed Parthenium hysterophorus in East Africa  

Dr. Lisanework Nigatu





8 Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) Dr. Nega Assefa 2017 2018
9 Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance- Social Behavior Studies (CHAMPS-SBS)  

Dr. Nega Assefa







Enhancing Food Security Needs of Vulnerable Groups through Participatory Selection and Promotion of Drought and Heat Resilient Potato Genotypes in Eastern Ethiopia  

Mr. Dandena Gelmesa


January 2016


December 2017



Establishing Carbon Baseline Data in Ethiopian Rangelands for Climate Change Mitigation and Carbon Financing Strategies  

Mr. Haftay Hailu







Evaluation of Integrated Watershed Management Practices and Their Contributions towards Environmental Management in Awash River Basin: Lessons for Scaling Up  

Mr. Arbo Feyisa

May 2017 October 2018
13 Haramaya Camel Dairy Project Dr. Mitiku Eshetu 01 Jan 2013 31 Dec 2017
14 Haramaya University CDC Project (HU-CDC) Dr. Lemessa Oljira Sept. 30, 2012 March 31, 2018
15 Improving Life through Quality Seed Prof. Kebede W/tsadik 2016 2021


InnovAfrica: Technology, Institutional, and Extension Approaches towards Sustainable Agriculture and enhanced Food and Nutritional Security in Africa  

Prof. Nigussie Dechassa


July 2017


June 2021

17 Integrated Seed Sector Project (ISSD) Prof. Nigusie Dechasa 2013 2016


Kersa and Harar Health and Demographic Surveillance System (Kersa/Harar HDSS)  

Dr. Nega Assefa




19 Studying the interaction between livestock and wildlife in Awash National Park, Eastern Ethiopia  

Mr. Yihew Biru







Manufacturing Export Industries Resource Potential Assessment, Project Identification and Selection, and Profile and Incentive Guideline Development  

Mr. Alem Mezgebo


June 2017


Sept. 2017

21 Peace Centers for Climate and Social Resilience (PCCSR) Dr. Richard Wentzell June 2013 August 2017


Pastoralist Areas Resiliency Improvement through Market Expansion (PRIME)  

Dr. Richard Wentzell


October 2012


August 2017

23 Somali Student Training Project Mr. G/medhin Minwuyelet 2012 2018
24 Value Chain Development for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change (ValueSeC): A Contribution through Strengthening Capacity in Higher Education in Eastern Africa  

Dr. Mengistu Ketema


1 Nov. 2013


28 Feb. 2017




Community-based Longitudinal Study on the Changes in Water Quality, Quantity, Prevalence of Diarrhea and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Practices Overtime and Under Varying Meteorological/Climate Variables in Kersa District, Eastern Ethiopia (WASH-WHO)  


Dr. Bezatu Mengistie



March 31, 2016



March 30, 2018

26 Woody Weeds (R4D)1 Dr Jema Haji January 2015 January 2017
27 Woody Weeds Project (R4D Project)-2 Dr Jema Haji 2015 2017