About Registrar Office




Dr.Yiheyis Bogale

Yiheyis Bogale (PhD)

Background Registrar Office

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for all operational matters pertaining to admission, registration, keeping academic records, academic status determination, credits evaluations, add/drop cases, certification of graduates, awarding of degrees, degree verification, Organizing graduation ceremony, preparing academic calendar of the University and so on.


Building the Basis for Development

Registrar Directorate Staff

Acedamic Timeline

The University shall normally operate on two semester basis, sixteen weeks each, between September and end of June. The College of Health and Medical sciences and others such as the College of Veterinary Medicine, may employ a system of annual rather than semester course offering. The Directorate of Continuing and Distance Education office may have a term system.


Old Administration Building, Office Number: 113
P.O.Box: 138, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Mobile: +251930340112
Office: +2515530375/13