Legal Services

The Legal Service Directorate of the University is one of the support offices under the Office of the President. It aims at rendering the highest quality legal services in a responsible, thoughtful, and timely manner in order to promote the mission of the University as the leading institution of higher education in Ethiopia. The Office is responsible for providing legal advice and representing the University and all its colleges, schools, departments, centers, divisions, affiliates, and related entities, including the Hiwot Fana Specialized Hospital, on a broad range of legal issues affecting the University.  Specifically, the Legal Services Office has duties and responsibilities to:

  • Provide oral and written legal advice to decision-makers and administrators on legal issues affecting the University;
  •  Represent the University in litigation before all courts and tribunals including in administrative and regulatory hearings;
  • Oversee the University’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies;
  •  Coordinate the development of University policies and procedures;
  •  Negotiate, draft and review legal documents for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the University’s interests.
  •  Use alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve or facilitate the resolution of disputes or potential disputes between the University and third parties.
  • Identify and advise the University on matters relating to new or amended legislation which may impact University policies and practices;
  • Provide training on relevant legal topics affecting the University
  • Retain and oversee all external counsel on behalf of the University.