About International Student Affairs Directorate


To solidify Haramaya University’s commitment to global engagements and to provide immigration expertise.


Our vision is a forthright sustainable feeling of partnering with members of Haramaya University community to develop and establish ‘International Student Advisory Board, and to establish an ‘International Association’ on or before 2024 scholastic year.


Sesay Augustine

Sesay Augustine(PhD)

Background of International Student Affairs Directorate

 Haramaya University lives to be one of the oldest higher learning institutions in Ethiopia. An agreement between the government of Ethiopia and the Technical Cooperation Administration of the government of the United States of America, signed on May 16, 1952 gave the mandate to Oklahoma State University to establish and operate a college, conduct a nationwide system of Agricultural Extension and to set up an agricultural research and experimental station. A significant major landmark in the history of the college of Agriculture became the opening of Graduate study programs in 1979/80academic year. This laid the foundation stone for advanced academic and research work at the institution. Another millstone in the history of Alemaya College of Agriculture was its elevation to the university’s status on May 27, 1985. The university, once again gained another crucial phase of transformation during the 1995/96academic year, by launching new programs in the fields of Teacher – education and Health Sciences. The establishment of these faculties further diversified the existing programs and empowered the university to become a full – fledged university with the new name, ’Alemaya University.

In September 2002, the faculties of Law, Business and Economics were established. Furthermore, the faculties of Veterinary medicine and Technology became launched in 2003 and 2004; this further diversified training programs of the university. The university then became renamed ‘Haramaya University in February, 2006. Along, the faculties were reorganized into 11 colleges and one institute. These are, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, College of Business and Economics, College of Computing and informatics, College of Health Sciences, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, College of Medical Sciences, College of Law, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Education and Behavioural Sciences, College of Continuing and Distance Education; and the Institute of Technology.

 Under these divisions, the university is now offering more than 53 Undergraduate programs, more than 31 Graduate degrees (MSc, M. Ed/MPH, and more than 11 PhD level programs. Together with these academic programs, the university has also established Research and Community Outreach Programs. These include the institute of Pastoral and Agro – Pastoral Studies, Institute of Peace and Development Studies; and the Institute of Land – tenure. Thus, this collaboration solicitation is enacted on behalf of all the colleges herein Haramaya University. To date, Haramaya University has more than nine colleges, Haramaya Institute of Technology, three Institutes of Studies, and five centers. Currently, runs more than 82 Undergraduates, 87 Masters and more than 22 PhD programs.


Building the Basis for Development!

Haramaya University is engagingly expanding its efforts in developing and establishing International Student Affairs Directorate Programs in further strengthening its academic, Research, Community Development and Engagement Services, and Cultural diversity. This University is the second largest, prestigious and respected Public higher institutions in the nation and the in the African continent and globally. Its students’ population represent most countries in North and East Africa, and currently receiving students from some West African countries. The University’s academic community is well over 3,000 faculties and over 33,000 students, as depicted by a culture and tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Harari region is renowned for its moderate climate, Agro – Pastoral environment, trails of picturesque plateaus, rich culture and the traditionally priceless observations.  The nearby towns and cities are gateways for students, staff and faculties. The distance from Haramaya campus o the towns and cities do not exceed 5 to 40 kilometers.  For a small fee and a short bus ride from the campus community yields awesome landscape sights that attract a very high compelling quest for a taste of ‘mouth – watering traditional cuisines and elegant shopping centers.

Our directorate is a continuous academic approach to provide assistance to international students in consolidating their academic, social and cultural experiences in the university and the country. This office is a strong representation of the philosophy of bravery, courageous and determination for international students, Scholars and Exchange students to bravely and gainfully pursue and acquire their educational quests, by either coming here or going to foreign countries.

 Nevertheless, whether a student comes from Haramaya University or from another country, or travels to another country from Haramaya University, that student in the process represents a global citizen, often learning another language and adapting to foreign customs, traditions and cultures. Therefore, our directorate seeks to internalize our university through the advancement of scholarship, student and faculty development, and to establish sustainable partnerships with other higher educational or Business Institutions.

Latest Stories

The directorate for International Students affairs and the directories for freshman program and their team members held a welcome ceremony for the newly admitted freshman international student on Monday, January 1, 2023.

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International Students group Photos

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International Students Group Photo
International Students Group Photo


To support Haramaya University’s ability to educate, train the best and the brightest local, international students’ faculty and scholars, by providing expertise and quality services.

Core Values:

  • Immigration Expertise
  • Intercultural Competency
  • Accountability/Responsibility
  • Collaboration/Partnership

International Student Directorate Staff

International Student and Staff Programs Officer/Director



International Student and Scholar Advisor



International Student Resource Coordinator



International Student Social and Cultural Programs Coordinator



Our Resources:
  • Advise International students, Scholars and the university’s Colleges and Departments on compliance with Immigration laws.
  • Offer guidance to colleges and departments with regard to international student and scholar integration, cross – cultural issues ant intervention strategies.
  • Sponsor programs for students and scholars on a variety of topics, including immigration, regulations, adjustment to Ethiopia society and culture, academic concerns and personal issues.
  • Develop and implement programs with other units of the university with regard to cross – cultural communication issues.
  • Assist students with securing residential facilities, food services, and strategize a channel to acquaint with local students (buddy system) to foster academic and social try – outs, both on campus and vicinities.
  • International students are provided with ‘Tutorial service’ to enable them gain a smooth flow in the teaching and learning process; and to encourage their respective classroom instructors to conduct lessons in English language, as being the medium of communication.
  • Students are provided a – one’s a week, two hours of tutorial in Amharic and Afan Oromo – the two main local languages of Ethiopia.
  • Assistance in determining visa and employment options for International Scholars that would be the greatest benefit to Haramaya University is underway.
Living at Haramaya University:
Haramaya University Health Center

Restaurants and Cafeterias, Faculty, Staff and Student Lounges:

These are comfortable areas open to faculties, staff and students for gathering, discussing, entertaining, and relaxing between work hours and classes.

 The Afran – Kallo Hall:

This state of the arts structure is erected right at the centre of the university ground couple of years ago. This structure is used for campus as well as community meetings, conferences and other events.

Offices of the Vice – Presidents:  Academic and Student Affairs, Administration and student Services, and Vice – President for Research Development.

Global incentives are essential to everything that happens at Haramaya University, both on the campus community and around the world. The offices of the vice – President’s partner with all of the Haramaya University colleges and schools to chart strategic directions for international engagements and to facilitate collaborations among all the offices involved in global activities on the campus.


Undergraduate Admissions:

The office Undergraduate Admissions is a richly diverse office, serving more than twelve thousand students from every corner of the nation, as well as international students from more than seven African countries. To date, more than fifty – three undergraduate degree programs are offered.

Graduate Admissions:

The Postgraduate programs at Haramaya University prominence the integration of knowledge across boundaries and disciplines.


Freshman Program Directorate Building – Annex.
Rooms: 1& 2
P.O. Box 138, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

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