Haramaya University alumni

Our alumni relations coordination office provides a range of platforms to alumna and alumnus around the world from talent donation, supporting state-of-the-art research activities to building partnership and community engagement.

Our alumni community brings together all talented graduates of HrU from around the world.

Dear our Alumni!

We are particularly so excited to welcome all Haramayans as we come together to safeguard and build our great nation in this very critical time. Haramaya  Uinversity Alumni Relations Office  suggests you all arrange educational trip and  holiday seasons  to your root of wisdom where you can reconnect with your beloved friends, professors and colleagues  thereby engage in so many social and intellectual activities. Hence, we would like you to come and visit your prestigious university where you were made who you are today.

Since its been in ages, many of you have already left Haramaya, the physical and structural changes that our university has made are apparently immense and worth visiting. It goes without saying that Haramayans are ubiquitous everywhere in the world and actively engage in multifaceted development areas which we are proud of; it is also imperative to you to come reconnect, reunite and enjoy your alma mater as there are so many places that reminisce about your beautiful and unforgettable days as a student. We firmly believe that this is the most propitious time to visit us and learn about our significant progresses as we continue to navigate to build the best and internationally repeatable African University.

It’s loud and clear that Haramaya University is our second home to all of us. Here we wet our second parents, distinguished professors, life partners, and best friends.

Hence, in the spirit of families, we call upon all of our alumni to reconnect and unite as HrU has made it possible for us to develop our core values, career, professional competencies, and life skills.

Be sure to join our vibrant alumni network as well as plan to visit us so as to reminsce your unforgotable times as a student and faculty members.

Haramaya University alumni have contributed creatively and significantly to society, the arts and sciences, business, and national and international affairs. Notable alumni

Membership is open to all Haramaya University (Former Alemaya College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts/Alemaya College of Agriculture/Alemaya University of Agriculture/Alemaya University) Alumni (Graduates and Staff)