Workshop on the reestablishment of Afran-Qallo and Humbanna Gadaa System was organized by Haramaya University’s Institute of Gadaa Studies in collaboration with academicians of the surrounding community on March 31, 2019 in Resource Center.

Haraghe Aba Gadaas, religious leaders and Qeroo and Qaree participated in the workshop. Guest of honors, Dr. Gemechu Magarsa and Prof. Hizkiel Gebissa also were in attendance with Prof. Hizkiel presenting a study paper.

The Gedaa System is the strongest among the ancient institutes of the Oromo people, and it is also not doubtful being the identification of the Oromo people,” said Prof. Jeylan Woliyie, Vice-president for Administrative and Students Affairs Office. He added, “By reestablishing the Gedaa Studies Institute, the University is striving to study the surrounding societies’ culture, history, norm and values.”

According to Dr. Gemechu Megersa, “The elites should take the greater share to recognize, study and understand the identity of the Oromo society by creating collaboration with the other societies as well as standing together to build the country.”

Prof. Hizkiel’s paper entitled The Oromo People Foundation Gedaa System, for Democracy, Economical Growth and Peace focused on the self-governance system of the Oromo Society.