A Delegation holds discussion with Haramaya University

A delegation led by the Ministry of Irrigation and Lowland Areas of Ethiopia and the Embassy of Israel in Ethiopia held discussion with Haramaya University President office on March 30/2022.

While the discussion was about cooperation with Haramaya University, it was held by Engineer Ayisha Mohamed Minister of Irrigation and Lowland areas, Dr. Birhanu Lenjiso State Minister, Alelign Admasu Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia and his Deputy, leaders of the Ethiopian Diaspora Association, and senior officials of Haramaya University.

During the discussion held in the president office of Haramaya University, Dr. Jemal Yusuf the President of the University outlined the issues to discuss, reminding the delegation of the major contributions of the University to the country.

Engineer Ayisha Mohammed Minister of Irrigation and Lowland areas in her part, said that, considering long experience of Haramaya University in agriculture, the Ministry of Irrigation and Lowland Areas would like to work closely with Haramaya University to identify and develop natural resources to effective use in the eastern part of the country in particular and contribute its share to the country’s development in general.

Appreciating the success of horticulture project carried out in collaboration of Haramya University and Fair Planet (Israel Based non-profit organization whose mission is to increase food production and provide new economic opportunities for smallholder farmers in developing countries), the Minister, witnessed that “Working with Haramaya University is not only a matter of interest but it is an obligation for our ministry”.

Therefore, the experience of Faire planet and Haramaya University should be strengthened in the future to make it accessible to more farmers in the country, added the Minister, promising that the Ministry of Irrigation and Lowland Areas will do its best to support the University to promote technologies and make it accessible to farmers.

Reminding that Ethiopia and Israel have long historical relationships, Mr. Alelign Admasu, Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia, on his turn, said that  the collaborative work being done on fruits and vegetables is encouraging and it will generate more foreign exchange for Ethiopia than coffee by cultivating the improved avocado varieties that are needed in many European countries. To realize this, more than 3 million seedlings have been prepared and planted in the southern part of the country, according to the ambassador.

Israel will further enhance the relationship between Universities by training and exchanging scholarships to modernize Ethiopia’s agricultural and other technologies, promised the ambassador.

In addition to Israel Ambassador, Mr. Idris Mohamed, Chairman of the Ethiopian Diaspora Association, said the Diaspora community is working closely with Haramaya University and will soon come to support the University hospital. He also said they will work together to further strengthen the relationship in other sectors too.

Finally, Dr. Jemal Yusuf, President of Haramaya University, concluded that the University has well done and is doing its assignments given so far and it works with partners to develop and realize various plans to strengthen its long-standing contribution to the country. The University is also ready to work with those who participated in the discussion and other stakeholders, according to Dr. Jamal.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Camera: Fuad Ahmed