Haramaya University Top and middle managements and concerned collage deans and admin directors as well as senior researchers had visited the University’s Research Station in Babile district and Hiot Fana Specialized Referral Teaching Hospital and they made a discussion in Harar Ras Hotel, November 03/2021.

Dr. Tesfaye Lema, Vice President for Research Affairs said, as a university fourteen (14) research stations are being used which are located in east and west Harerge zone, and they are identified as lowland and highland areas that allow studying different varieties of animals, crops and vegetables. So the current visit purpose is to review and discus all about the stations work being done and the facilities in there and needed in the stations to provide possible solutions to those which need to be upgraded to a research center. It also goes with the University’s forward direction because the University has differentiated as a research University. The Erer Guda (in Babile district) Camel Research Station, which is the only one in the country, said Dr. Tesfaye.

Professor Mengistu Urge, Vice President for Academic Affairs in his turn said, Haramaya University is one of from differentiated as a research university that is expected to create technologies that can change the lives of the community. So, more of the University’s forward direction must be focused on research related issues, in related to that the capacity building of the research stations will be continued.

As a university, to strengthen and upgrade the research activity the possible supports and efforts will be provided for the ongoing efforts to upgrade the research stations to research centers, to make it look likes Haramaya University, said Professor Mengistu.

At the visiting occasion of Haramaya University Hiot Fana Specialized Referral Teaching Hospital Cancer Treatment Center, Dr. Yadeta Dessie, Chief Executive Director of the College of Health and Medical Sciences said that, about one thousand cancer patients are being treating, who came from all directions of the country as well as from neighbor countries. Currently new and latest cancer treatment machine is being installing, when the installation is completed the hospital could provide more and efficient services than the present, and then the hospital become the second one having this machine as a country next to Tikur Anbesa hospital in Addis Ababa. When the ongoing building construction in the hospital is completed the hospital could have new one thousand beds, said Dr. Yadeta.

During the visit, a request was raised to complete the construction of the Hospital, then Mr. Bedasa Ibrahim, the University’s Construction Project Office Head said; to complete  the construction process still requires special attention, as much as possible the issue will be solved in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders.

At the time the Erer Guda Camel Research Station, the Cereals and Oilseeds research stations in Babile district has visited by the group.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Photogaraph: Fuad Amed