In a stakeholder workshop entitled “Fostering University-Industry Linkage for Enhancing Mutual Collaboration” to strengthen the University-Industry linkage, it was pointed out that the skilled human power universities produce should be in line with what the sector  demands.

HU’s Vice President for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik in his opening speech said that, University-Industry Linkage plays paramount importance for mutual benefit of both universities and industries. To this effect active involvement of both parties play major roles for better and sustainable university-industry linkage.

According to Dr. Mitiku Eshetu, University-Industry Linkage and Entrepreneurship Development Director, and a survey conducted on host industries and their linkage to universities, the results of the survey show that ‘students lack technical skill, failed to comply to industries requirement; have poor academic knowledge, and poor time management; they [the students] do not consult supervisors and/or academic advisors; fail to take accountability; do not give emphasis to quality of work; and lack effective communication with others’.

In a general discussion issues such as lack of awareness about the objectives of industry practical attachment, and lack of instructors’ supervision while students are in conducting their practical attachment were raised. Hence it was indicated that awareness creation and continuous supervisions should be made in order to get feedback and take corrective measures.

More than 80 individuals were in attendance. From the 80, 56 representatives came from different industries, and Federal and Regional bureaus. Eastern Ethiopian Universities: Dire Dawa, OdaBultum, Jigjiga and Kebridahar universities were also invited to facilitate University-Industry linkage.