Office of Vice-president for Academic Affairs in collaboration with College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, and Higher Diploma Program Coordinating Office organized and conducted the first round induction training for newly employed and reinstated staff members. The training lasted for 6 days from October 01-06, 2018. According to Mr. Anwar Ahmed (HDP Coordinator), a total of 189 trainees took part in the training and were drawn from 8 colleges from the Main Campus, Institute of Technology and Harar Campus. From the 189 trainees, 40 of them were females.

Mr. Anwar also added that, the University has been conducting induction trainings since 2009 G.C. and is committed to improve the professional competence of the University’s staff. “The training is vital for all participants in order to acquire professional knowledge and skills.” He added, “This training can be used as traction to begin their roles and responsibilities [as higher institution instructors].”

During the opening ceremony Dr. Yeheyis Bogale, Registrar Office Director, said, “Subject matter knowledge and skills of the fresh graduates are not enough to be effective teacher. Pedagogical knowledge and skills have crucial roles to play to be professional teachers, and it is also clear that it should be improved in a long term experience. So we should be up to date to
make our students efficient.” Dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Dawit Negassa, indicated that the
induction training is part of the CPD trainings organized by the University with the ultimate purpose of equipping the newly employed and reinstated academic staff with pedagogical skills they can utilize in discharging their roles as teachers.

Dr. Dawit added that the objectives of the training were “to acquaint the participants with the vision and mission of the University; make them be aware of the professional ethics of higher education teachers, introduce and help them identify and apply different active learning methods, as well as communicate with them the instructional planning and assessment techniques in their teaching.” He added, “It is the University’s principle not to let any staff to teach without attending the induction program. Hence, it has been conducting induction trainings for the last eight years.” In his closing remark, the Delegate of Vice-president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Yilfashewa Seyoum, emphasized that “A good teacher is one who is not only competent in his/ her subject matter but also one who can communicate his/her subject content with students effectively and who acts professionally and ethically.” Moreover, he said that success in all professions including teaching is a sum of ability, effort and discipline. Discipline, professionalism, fairness, respect for the institutions rules and regulations are highly
demanded from the trainees as higher education teachers.

Dr. Yilfashewa added, “To be professional teachers, trainees need to be committed and dedicated to their profession. By its virtue, the teaching profession is not about making money rather living for science and truth. Hence, I want to remind you that as teachers you have to act professionally with commitment and dedication.” In conclusion, he thanked the trainees, trainers and organizers of the training. Certificates were awarded for the trainees and trainers with the conclusion of the training.