Haramaya University has acquired a new research station in Kurfa Chele Woreda from the woreda administration. The research station was established by the NGO Care Ethiopia; and upon the project’s completion, the woreda administration has handed over the station to the University. The Project had been using the site as a farmer training center (FTC).

The site is in good condition and the animal farms and facilities built such as beef fattening, goat farm, apiculture, improved forage production and the easy manure management and biogas production make it an ideal working environment; and research and extension activities could be initiated without any delay.

Haramaya University has always strived to support the community in research and extension activities and the dissemination of improved technologies, and this addition to the already existing 11 research stations will make the Kurfa Chele community beneficiaries.

On the occasion, a community discussion session was held and members of the community expressed their anticipation of the various research activities and the support they will receive from the University. They said they appreciate the University’s initiative to continue the works of Care Ethiopia in supporting the community to improve their agricultural productions and their livelihood.

Mr. Admkew Haile, Research Facilities Directorate Director and Vice-president for Research Affairs Delegate, heavily emphasized that the University operates on a budget allocated by the government and “it would be impossible to make donations for each and every person that asks.” “However,” he added, “the University is there to support and if the community does 50% of the work, they can ask to be supported for the remaining.” Mr. Admkew added, “The University has knowledge and experts, and it is possible to engage and assist the community through various training and expert consultations.”

On the day, animals donated by Care Ethiopia were also distributed to 60 community members by lot. The 35 goats, 9 cattle of which 5 and 134 poultries were distributed because the animals’ breeding and history is not known and this might make it difficult to produce improved and top quality varieties.

Mr Aliy Teleha, Kurfa Chele Woreda Administrator, said, “We are very happy that the University has decided to work with the woreda.”

And has urged the people who won the lot “to not sale or trade rather use these improved varieties to crossbreed and improve the local varieties you find in your neighborhoods”.

Mrs. Dabo Bushura and Mrs. Meftuha Abduletif were among the lucky ones to win the animals and they were elated with what they received. “I am happy and I will do my part to crossbreed these improved varieties with local ones,” said Mrs. Dabo. Mrs. Meftuh on her part said, “I want to improve my livelihood and I am very happy.”