Industry and University Linkage Directorate in cooperating with Enterprise Development Center (EDC) gave training on entrepreneurship development in three rounds to university instructors, students and youth from the surrounding communities.

The training as conducted from November 12-26, 2018 at Resource Center.

According to Dr. Mitiku Eshetu, Industry and University Linkage Directorate Director, “the University has responsibility to support the surrounding communities in different mechanisms, and because of that the Directorate prepared the training aiming to increase and develop the idea of entrepreneurship in the community.” The training was very practical and one exercise had the trainees generating some income during the training.  In the training, 45 instructors, 189 students and 43 youngsters participated.

The trainees reflected that the training was very interesting, useful and easy to understand for application. The trainees also promised to increase their income by using the ideas they developed through the training, and to report their results to the Directorate within a year.

Lastly, awards were given for those who made more profit during the practical session of the graining.