The training was focused on poultry, dairy production management and Nutrition sensitive Agriculture. And it was organized by the office of Vice President for Research Affairs of Haramaya University, from 16-18 November 2021 at the Resource center.

Vice President for Research Affairs Dr. Tesfaye Lema, in his opening remarks, said that, Ethiopia is well known in the world for its livestock resources but there are gaps in its exploitation system. One of the gaps is lack of knowledge, and the University is working hard to address this basic problem.

According to Dr Tesfaye, preparing capacity building training for experts is one of the efforts to fill the gap as there is a need for on-job training to increase the knowledge and skills of agricultural professionals.

Dr. Chanyalew Seyoum, Research Extention and Publication Directorate Director, said the training is expected to fill the gap in poultry, animal husbandry and nutrition production process in the area. According to the director, in order to get the desired results from the agricultural sector, it is necessary to increase the knowledge and skill of professionals who works in the area.

Participants of the training appreciated the training content and the University, and expressed their commitment to deliver the knowledge that they gained from the training and they are expected to give similar training for their colleagues.

A total of 46 agricultural experts from East Hararge zone, Harari region and Dire Dawa Administration participated in the training.


By: Aweke Ayalneh

Photograph: Tewodros Lishan