Haramaya University’ National Female Leaders and Teachers Network in collaboration with Ethiopian Management Institute organized a training on Leadership and Change Management for thirty female academic staff members from May 30 to June 03, 2019.

According to Ms. Blen Moges, President of Haramaya University’s Female Leaders and Teachers Network and Lecturer, “The National Female Higher Education Leaders and Teachers Network which embraces all governmental universities were launched by Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE) on a consultative meeting held in December 2018. Following that, Haramaya University’s Female Top Leaders and Academic Staff Network was launched as part of the National Network on March 23, 2019.”

The general objective of the training was to enhance the knowledge of participants on leadership so that they can effectively lead themselves, their teams and the organization to achieve its mission.

The contents covered were the nature of leadership, women in leadership, leadership versus management, competencies of leaders, essential leadership skills, practices of leadership, qualities of successful leaders, emotional intelligence, coaching and mentoring, team work, conflict management and critical elements for success in managing change.

In his closing remark Prof. Nigussie Dechass, Academic Affairs Vice-president, underlined the volubility of the network in bringing collective voice and in empowering women with leadership, quality education, community engagement and problem solving research.