The 2nd Haramaya University Law Students Inter-Batch Moot Court Competition took place from January 1-4, 2015 at the University’s Main Campus.

The competition, which was organized by College of Law Advocacy Skill Center and Law Students Association, involved eight teams, each consisting of three members. The participants were drawn from 2nd up to 4th Year College of Law students.

In the first round, all the teams presented written submissions by acting as applicants and respondents. The focus was on hypothetical case of human rights violation. Four out of eight teams and two out of the four teams were able to make it to the second and final rounds respectively.

The team, which consisted of Yibeltal Alemu (4th year), Muhaba Jemal (3rd year) and Akil Eman (2nd year), became winner of the written submission category of the competition. All members of the team received gold necklace apart from the group trophy.

winner of the written submission category of the competition

The other category of the competition, the oral round, was won by the team which comprised of Endalkachew Abera (3rd year), Abdi Mohammed (3rd year) and Muhadin Jemal (2nd year). Along with the group trophy, all members of the team were awarded mobile phone.

 Winner of the oral round of the  competition 

Yibeltal Alemu, who is 4th year student from College of Law, won the “Best Orator” category of the 2nd Inter-Batch Moot Court competition.

Winner of the Best Orator category of the competition  

The competition was judged by staff members of the College, invited lawyers from nearby towns and Dire Dawa University College of Law Dean.

Each team had an extensive preparation prior to the competition with a support of coaches from staff members of the College. Students who had experience of participating national and international moot court competitions also helped the coaches as assistant coaches to the various teams.

According to Firew Tadesse, head of Advocacy Skill Center, such kinds of competitions are vital to students to get practical experiences on the atmosphere of courts. The College is preparing to participate on three international moot court competitions, he said.

Haramaya University College of Law is also making preparations to host regional moot court competition which will involve selected universities from East Africa, Firew Explained adding that students which showed good performance in the 2nd Inter-Batch Moot Court Competition would participate in the regional round.