About Strategic Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate


It strives to establish a relentless and seamlessly functioning financial control and management system where scarce financial resources are utilized with a greater sense of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability.


It aspires to be among top ten finance directorates in the country known for relentless demonstration of integrity, consistency, transparency and accountability in their financial management system.


Mr Esubalew Tsehay

Mr. Esubalew Tsehay

As a source and compiling office of the corporate level information, the Planning, M&E directorate shares and promotes the corporate level mission, vision, stated above.  

Background of the Office

The Strategic Planning and University transformation teams/units were organized under office of the president in February 2013 following the implementation of the new structure, BPR. The directorate encompasses the above two main structures as teams operating within it. And till June 2017 before the directorate separated the name of the office was named as strategic management and institutional transformation directorate. And by now promoting the two units as directorate level becoming two directorates which termed as Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (PMED) and Good governance and University transformation directorate.

The Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Directorate provides support to the university management in the key areas of strategy development, planning, Measurement and Evaluation by focusing on the entire universality’s activity. The office works to bridge between policy or high-order goals of the university and the country on the one hand and tactics/ concrete actions on the other envisaging where the University is going over the next year or more, and how it’s going to get there.

Haramaya University, as an institution to be nationally and internationally recognized and a reputed graduate and research University, a planning, monitoring and evaluation office works to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all activities.

The Monitoring and evaluation activities of the office help to keep the work on track, and can let management know when things are going wrong. It enables to determine whether the resources available are sufficient and is being well used, the existing capacity is sufficient and appropriate, and activities are going as planned to do.


Building the basis for Development!

Strategic Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate Staff

Core Values

Strategic Planning and M & E office’s guiding values include a commitment to:

  • Excellence: excel in research, learning and teaching, and community engagement.
  • Innovation: generating new, unique or novel ideas, devices, methods, processes, products, etc.
  • Social responsibility: ready to be a servant of the society and accountable to rules, regulations and cultural heritages of the society.
  • Integrity: loyal to one’s profession, value authorities’ ideas; research evidence and be ethical and unbiased.
  • Embracing diversity and inclusiveness: recognize and promote respect for physical, cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, ideological, psychological and other differences that enhance unity in diversity.
  • Democratic culture: respect others’ idea, convince others based on reasons and concrete evidence and promotion of academic freedom, fairness and justices in academic decisions
  • Good governance: the practice of transparent, participatory, efficient, effective and accountable leadership and management, and promotion of the principle of equal opportunity.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: have a culture of working cooperatively within the university and collaboratively with stakeholders; develop the “we” spirit and joint responsibility.
  • Lifelong learning: realize learning from successes and failures; take formal, non-formal and informal episodes of the world as means of learning opportunity; to learn from prior experiences and the existing conditions and able to imagine what will happen in the future.
  • Respect for nature and environment: be friendly in all endeavors of the university being environmentally friendly.

Major Activities of the Office

Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation directorate serves a variety of purposes for the University, including to:

  • Design the strategic and action plans of the university.
  • Compile, analyze, present and discriminate corporate level facts and figures to internal and external users.
  • Compile, analyze, present, and disseminate periodic (usually quarterly) performance reports of the university.
  • Prepare the medium term, annual, and quarterly plans and accomplishment reports of program budget of the university.
  • Monitor, support, and evaluate the work units including donor-funded projects regarding the actual implementation of the plan.
  • Advise  and assist the top management of the university in strategic and operational issues
  • Serve the university council and administration council of the university as member and writing desk and documenting and disseminating minutes for evidence based action.
  • Assist the university management in spectrum of policy implementations, strategic planning and M & E
  • Ensure the most effective use of the university’s resources on the key priorities.
  • Provide a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.
  • Bring together of everyone’s best and most reasoned efforts by building a consensus about where the university is going.
  • analyzing and presenting data of relevance to the university on aspects of the university’s performance and context to assist decision making;
  • ensure the establishment of realistic goals and objectives consistent with the mission of the university in a defined time frame within the existing capacity for its implementation in all working units;
  • Co-coordinating the implementations of the university’s strategic plan; developing the overall planning framework and supporting other’s strategic plans.
  • monitoring and measuring delivery of strategies, implementations and reporting on progress

Office Structure

The organizational structure of the office is indicated below.

New Administration Building, Office Number: ---
P.O.Box: ----, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Office Phone: +251255530327
Mobile Phone: +251913306048