Community Development Works Directorate under the Vice-president for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development in co-operation with English Language Improvement Center (ELIC) gave a six-week training on academic writing and general communicative skills for 32 students from Haramaya District. The trainees were students who are on their summer break from different universities.

Dr. Admasu Bogale, Director of Community Engagement Directorate, said, “The training was prepared based on the students’ need, and such training will be continued for the future also.” The initiation for the training came from the students.

Mr. Abdela Bekere, Haramaya Town Vice-mayor, and Education Office Vice-head Mr. Teha Roba were present during the certificate ceremony and appreciated the University for the training.

Dr. Jemal Yousuf, Delegate President of the University, awarded the certificate to the trainees. Dr. Jemal appreciated the students’ initiation to take such language training and said, “You have awakened us, the University is trying its best to fulfill its responsibilities of supporting the surrounding communities by different supportive mechanisms and it will try to engage in supportive activities for the community.”

In addition, Dr. Jemal also advised the trainees to be visionary and hard worker to achieve their targeted plan, and confirmed that the university’s support will be with them when it is considered necessary.

The trainees also thanked the University for accepting their requests and for ‘giving such very useful language training, which is very crucial to write their senior essays and to make academic speech as well’ according to Derartu Amin, Hanan Muktar, Helen Kamal and Tuji Jemal.