Recognition and Appreciation Session Held for Diaspora Supporters

A recognition and appreciation program was held on May 26, 2024, in Harar, honoring Ethiopians living abroad who have generously supported the Hiwot Fana Comprehensive University Hospital (HFCSUH) with medical supplies valued at over 30 million birr.

Recognition and Appreciation Session Held for Diaspora Supporters

The event, held at the HFCSUH Ali Bira Memorial Cancer Treatment Center, specifically acknowledged Mr. Farhan Abdullah and his family for their significant contributions to the hospital.

Dr. Abdi Amin

Dr. Abdi Amin, Head of Medical Services at HFCSUH, expressed that the support will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital’s medical services. He extended special gratitude to Mr. Farhan Abdullahi and his family for their pioneering leadership and sponsorship.

Dr. Amin

Dr. Amin also thanked Project Cure and its donors for their critical humanitarian support and future commitments. He expressed gratitude to the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority for granting the pre-import permit, the Ethiopian Customs Authority, and other national and regional stakeholders for their contributions to this mission’s success.

Mrs. Rosa Umer

Harari Region Vice President, Mrs. Rosa Umer, emphasized that the diaspora’s support significantly improved the hospital’s medical delivery process. She praised their act of devotion as commendable and appreciated by both the creator and the people.

Mrs. Miski Mohammed

Mrs. Miski Mohammed, the Chief Administrator of Eastern Hararghe Zone, echoed these sentiments, stating that the diaspora’s support demonstrated their patriotism and love for their people. She urged for continued support from the Ethiopian diaspora, not only in the health sector but also in other sectors.

Mr. Farhan Abdullah

Mr. Farhan Abdullah, Manager of the Lemif Charity Organization, expressed his pleasure at the recognition program and his family’s opportunity to support the community that raised and educated them. He promised continued support in various fields beyond medical equipment.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, Chief Executive Director of Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences, revealed that the received medical supplies cost over 30 million birr. He mentioned that fellow Ethiopians abroad, including Mr. Farhan, supported the delivery of 61 containers of medical equipment each worth 500 thousand US dollars, with Haramaya University overseeing the delivery to the hospitals.

He urged government

He urged government administrations and institutions to strengthen coordination procedures to continue the good work initiated with Ethiopians living abroad.

The event

The event was attended by religious leaders, hospital board members, senior government officials, and guests.

Reporter: Shemsedin Mohammad

Photo: Behailu Girma

Directorate of Public and International Relations of Haramaya University