Haramaya University has donated more than 600,000 birr worth educational materials to Haramaya woreda students.

Haramaya University has donated more than 600,000 birr worth of Exercise books to needy family students in Haramaya woreda schools.

The University’s Vice President for Community Service and Enterprise Development, Dr. Yishak Yusuf, said the University is providing various educational materials to students, who are struggling due to financial difficulties. So the support has been provided to more than a thousand needy family students in 76 schools in Haramaya woreda.

According to Dr. Yishak, the University has provided 350 dozen Exercise books to students in Haramaya Woreda who are struggling to continue their education due to economic reason, and then Dr. Yishak advised to students to continue their education so as to serve their families and communities.

Haramaya Woreda Education Office, Training expert and Representative of the Schools, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim said Haramaya University is supporting us with various social issues, including school supplies. For instance last year the University has provided educational materials worth more than 100,000 birr.

Mr. Mohamed added that the Exercise book support will help students who are unable to attend school due to lack of resources, to alleviate their problems.

The students, who get the Exercise book, commented that they are pleased with the support and promised that they will work hard to succeed on their education.

At the event it is mentioned that Haramaya University has donated educational materials to 700 local students at the cost of more than one million birr and the University will continue its efforts to ensure the quality of education.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Photograph: Tewodros Lishan