Haramaya University Institute of Technology (HiT) inaugurated Mini-STEM Center at ‘HiT Campus’ and HU Model School.

The Ceremony was held on July 19, 2019. During this Dr. Asfaw Kebede, Project Coordinator and a lecturer at the University, said HiT has been doing its share to the training and education of producing equipped students so far. “To contribute towards the National program for the strengthening of mathematics and science education and introducing hands on enrichment program in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines for pre-university youth in Harmaya University surrounding high schools, the Institute having a well-equipped Mini-STEM Center mainly intended for five surrounding high school students,” he said. “Besides supporting the teaching-learning process, the Mini-STEM Center would also contribute in solving the shortage of equipment of the HiT labs.”

The Mini-STEM Center has two labs, Electronics and Information Technology labs. The purchasing of the Mini-STEM Center equipment and the Installation cost of 2,000,000 Birr was covered by STEM – Synergy Ethiopia Office. Dr. Asfaw added that the Mini-STEM Center has multipurpose for pre-university youth which increase their exposure to recent technologies that would help them while joining higher institution.

Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik, Vice-president for Community Engagement & Enterprise Development, congratulated the staff members of HiT on their commitment and hard work, and asked for continued efforts to better the Center as having such organized laboratory has its own implication on quality of education in helping the students of the surrounding schools to be equipped with required competencies and skills.

Prof. Kebede highly appreciated the commitment of STEM – SYNERGY and asked to continue its support to Haramaya University by providing the necessary assistance to develop its capacities to be a pioneer in community-based and indigenously developed approaches to enhance the process of teaching-learning process.

On behalf STEM – SYNERGY Ethiopia Office, Mr. Getachew Gezahegn, Country Director, gave a brief presentation on key issues of the Project, and clarifications for the questions forwarded from the academic staff and students of surrounding schools.

Mr. Getachew added that this partnership is to establish connections for long term collaboration, support and exchange between the two bodies and hopes to enhance development building efforts and problem solving in transformation approaches in the academy.

Finaly Prof. Kebede gave acknowledgements and certificates to Mr. Getachew Gezahegn and Dr. Asfaw Kebede.