Haramaya University’s 41st Annual Research and Community Engagement Review Workshop

Haramaya University conducted the 41st Annual Research and Community Engagement Review Workshop on May 29–31, 2024, with the theme “Enhancing Community Resilience: Transforming Agricultural Practice, Nutrition, and Health.”

Annual Research and Community Engagement Review Workshop

Dr. Foziya Amin, State Minister of Innovation and Technology, Administrative Board Members of the University, senior federal and state officials, the University’s and local community members, and invited guests participated in the workshop.

Dr. Jemal Yusuf

Dr. Jemal Yusuf, President of Haramaya University, says that Haramaya University is carrying out development works by using its potential in the direction of the national development plans, mentioning as an example the irrigated wheat cultivation being carried out in various areas.

“In the world we live in, the demands of our people are increasing, but the supply is decreasing. Therefore, to fill this gap, we must strengthen our research and development activities by maintaining partnerships with the institutions that work with us,” added Dr. Jemal.

Dr. Yisihak Yusuf

Dr. Yisihak Yusuf, Vice President for Research and Community Engagement Affairs at the University, explained that Haramaya University is contributing its share to the efforts exerted to solve the problems of the society by providing financial and professional support that can enhance research activities in six focus areas. For instance, this year, more than 46 problem-solving research projects have been conducted, and 185 are in progress.

Moreover, the university has distributed 89 technological products to the community. In doing this, from the government research budget that allocated to our university, 75% comes from the research projects that we create in collaboration with foreign countries, according to Dr. Yisihak.

At the workshop

At the workshop, 38 research articles were presented and discussed. Moreover, an exhibition that shows the work of the university was opened by Dr. Foziya Amin, State Minister of Innovation and Technology, and was visited by the participants of the workshop.

Prof. Mengistu Urge

Prof. Mengistu Urge, vice president for academic affairs of the university, said in his workshop closing remarks, “Apart from what we understand about the state of the scientific research being done by our university’s researchers and the services we are providing to our society, we have been able to understand the views of our stakeholders that are more relevant for future activities that should be focused on.

“In the future, we are expected to work tirelessly by planning carefully based on the feedback we get from stakeholders and the gaps we identify to score outstanding achievements by accomplishing our missions as an educational institution and satisfying our stakeholders’ needs. In doing this, we contribute significant share to the development of our country,” added Prof. Mengistu.

The participants of the conference

The participants of the conference, in their turn, commented that in order to strengthen the research works and community engagement activities that are solving the problems of the society, the university should continue organizing such discussion forums to discuss with the stakeholders.