Haramaya University Welcomed New Students


Haramaya University warmly welcomed freshman students of the 2013 E.C. academic year from July 09-11, 2021 at its Main Campus.

On the welcoming ceremony, Dr. Jeylan Wolyie Hussein, Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs, conveyed a warm welcome message to the newly enrolled students and said on behalf of Haramaya University and his Office.

Professor Jeyelan said that in order to ensure students’ safe arrival and overall well-being, the University management together with local security and administrative agencies arranged a chain of coordinated and watchful security presence and monitoring across a vast area that lies between the University and the Dhangago juncture.

The University has completed the necessary preparations to facilitate peaceful teaching and learning environment for the new students, he indicated.

“We received our students and their parents by organizing colorful welcome events at the gates of our University so that they would feel at home,” Professor Jeylan stressed.

It was indicated that the welcoming events were organized by the surrounding communities in association with the University management and Student Union.

The University allocated almost all of its vehicles to transport the students and their luggage to their residence area, thereby easing for them the burden of walking into and getting to the residence areas.

Professor Jeylan highlighted that an equally colorful warm reception was observed at their cafeteria. The Vice President added that he carried out lunchtime visit to monitor the students’ adaption to the dining antiquities and orders of student’s cafeterias.

Professor Jeylan strongly advised students to adjust themselves to the University’s environment, including strict adherence to student’s code of conduct and to the socio-cultural realities of the surrounding communities.

“My other advice for them is that they have to wisely and effectively use their time and resources to be successful in the competitive academic environment. They should also know that university is not only a site of academic exercise, but also is a place where they learn how to live with others by tolerating differences and cultivate the culture of mutual understanding,” he added.

The Vice President further advised students to approach other fellow students and the entire community of the University with greater sense of mindfulness, oneness and moral imagination.”They must thus know that university is a place where they can learn how to manage conflicts, promote coexistence, cultivate interdependence and nurture sense of humanity and compassion. Last but not least, they must know that they should use their university as a place where they can unlearn habits that constrain their progress and jeopardize their growth. For example, our students need to use their time in the university as an opportunity to get rid of negative thoughts, prejudices and irrational fears and tensions-the factors that corrode into their capacity to cooperate with and accommodate others,” the Professor underlined.










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