Haramaya University to Tackle the Climate Change through Improved Seeds

Haramaya University donated improved seeds worth over 2.5 million birr to local farmers on June 15, 2022.

Dr. Tesfaye Lema, Vice President for Research Affairs, stated at the donation event that the crops harvested in Haramaya district area had been damaged due to a lack of rain. Following the damage, the University has provided 750 quintals of potatoes, maize, beans, vegetables and crops to the farmers. Dr. Tesfaye explained the assistance given to farmers by stating that the drought may be combated by using enhanced seed that is climate change resistant and can produce a product in a short amount of time. The relief was delivered to 500 farmers in Haramaya district and its environs who were impacted by the drought; for this relief about 2.5 million birr was spent.

Dr. Tesfaye added that the University has provided 460 quintals of improved seeds to more than 7,000 farmers in nine districts of the east Hararge zone before the current donation. Dr. Tesfaye also urged that the farmers should continue exerting their efforts to increase their productivity.

Mr. Shikure Mohammed, the head of the Haramaya district Agriculture Office, said both governmental and non-governmental organizations are trying to compensate farmers for the harm caused by the lack of rain in the district.  He added that Haramaya University’s improved seed support will benefit drought alleviation as well as increased production. Mr. Shikure urged that farmers those supported improved seeds should use the seeds properly and move from support to self-sufficient.

Farmers that receive assistance from the University say that improved seed support will help them compensate for the damage caused by the lack of rain.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Camera: Fuad Ahmed