Haramaya University College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education conducted national curriculum review workshop on May 13, 2022.

The curricula reviewed were “PhD in inclusive education”, and “MA in special needs and inclusive education”.

During the workshop opening ceremony, Mr. Gemechu Abera, dean of Education and Behavioral Sciences College, in his welcoming speech, said that the aim of the curriculum review is to make the curricula enhance students learning, engagement, experience, and improve the learning outcome. That will, in turn, enhance the program to be valuable for both individuals and programs, so it has the potential, if planned and executed well, to improve communication and collaboration between staff, leading to a stronger program and program identity. The need for curriculum review is in response to a number of drivers such as the changing nature of the discipline, rationalizing our offering by avoiding duplicate provision, offering opportunities with the support of new learning technologies, shifting students’ interest towards the program, and others, according to the college dean.

Dr. Yilfashewa Siyoum, director for academic programs and delegate of the vice president for academic affairs, in his opening remark said that, in its recent effort, the college has witnessed to review more than 90 percent of its program in accordance with the new mission and strategic plan of the university, and two new postgraduate programs are also added and that indicates the college has made substantial progress. The director added that the purpose of the workshop is to cater the opportunity for discussion, exchange of idea and reaching consensus for preparation of a good quality curriculum that means; up-to-date and relevant, balanced, integrated, demanding, sequenced and progressive, and well aligned academic program.

After the necessary presentation and reflection has made by the external reviewers from other Universities and the college staffs as well as invited guests, the reviewed curriculums were forwarded for further process.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Camera: Fuad Ahmed