Haramaya University Vice president for Academic Affairs organized in-house guideline review workshop on Guideline for recognition and award in learning-teaching and Guideline on sample reception, result archive and data release for laboratories at Haramaya University on April 12/ 2022 at resource center.

 Among the participants of the workshop were the University’s higher officials including the University’s president, stuffs, and others.

According to professor Mengistu Urge, Vice president for Academic Affairs, the main objective of the workshop is to develop quality guideline in the institution, to prepare guidelines for recognition and award in learning-teaching, and for sample reception, result archive and data release for laboratories to enable the university to give awards for the extraordinary works, and to ensure the quality of research samples based on the developed guideline.

The University is developing some guidelines including five guidelines waiting the senate approval only as we did not have sample data reception and release for laboratories, and recognition and award in learning-teaching polices and guidelines before, said professor Mengistu in his welcoming speech, acknowledging the effort of the University’s educational assessment and quality assurance directorate in the development of these guidelines. All the guidelines being reviewed help the University to fulfill the requirements of differentiation to be a research University, added professor Mengistu.

Professor Jeylan Wolyie, vice president for administration and student affairs, in turn, said in his opening remark that recognizing excellence and promoting meritocracy at workplace plays greater role in attracting, cultivating and retaining qualified, committed, visionary and highly productive staff. It is also believed that recognizing the excellent performance of diverse academic units such as colleges, institutions, and centers of universities ignites the aspiration and energy for more efficiency, added Professor Jeylan, indicating that it is need to establish a strong logic and rationale on basis of fixed guidelines for recognizing and encouraging outstanding performances, which the university did not have before.

The document of the guideline has passed for further process after being commented on by internal reviewers and other participants.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Camera: Fuad Ahmed