Haramaya University’s Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation inaugurated a state- of-the- art video conference center on January 13, 2022 at Afran Kallo Building.

According to Head of Training and Research of the Center, Dr. Sintayehu Workeneh, establishing the video conference Center will benefit the University’s academic and research activities in the international arena.

The establishment of the Center will also help the University to enhance online postgraduate teaching and supervision process for the benefit of Africans in creating a comfortable environment, he said.

Dr. Sintayehu added that the establishment of the video conference center at the cost of 10 million birr and with funding from Haramaya University and the World Bank.

During the inauguration ceremony, Haramaya University Academic Affairs Vice President, Prof. Mengistu Urge, said the University has been working with the Africa Center for Excellence for the past four years to expand its international reach and that is why the university has built a video conference center and is ready to use it.

Haramaya University Vice President for Research Affairs, Dr. Tesfaye Lema, on his part said the establishment of the Center will save the University the cost of bringing in teachers from other countries.

Director of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate of Haramaya University, Ato Belete Shawel said the technology will be able to teach multiple students at the same time and host any international conference without any hassle.

The Center is been equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has been linked to the University’s data center, Belete said.

By:- Shemsedin Mohammed