Haramaya University (HU) graduated 4,909 students in various fields with bachelor’s, postgraduate, and Ph.D. degrees for the 68th time.

HU President Dr. Jemal Yusuf said that 4,909 students are graduated from various programs. i.e. Postgraduates Ph.D. 65, MSc/MA/MRd/MPH/LLM/ 769, Specialty 24, undergraduate 3,896, postgraduate Diploma and certificate 154 and a total of 4,909 .

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, HU President Jemal Yusuf (PhD) said that HU has been providing the nation with competent labour over the past 68 years through teaching, research, and community service.

This year’s graduates are expected to band together to use solidarity and togetherness to solve the nation’s problems. They should also use the knowledge and skills they have gained to create their own jobs for themselves and other citizens, he noted.

“Graduates should select the appropriate approach to advancing solutions for challenges because learning results in behavioural change in both the individual and the community as a whole. By utilizing the social information and skills they acquired while attending the university, they have a duty to elevate Ethiopia to the highest level.”

In his final message to the graduates, the president said that this year’s graduates should not only get a job or create a job and live their own lives but make a meaningful, generational contribution in the field they are engaged in.

“If you do this, the degree earned by you, the efforts of your teacher, and your family will have more meaning to achieve the development and progress of our country, and it will be much easier for us to move up to the middle-income status.”

The guest of honour and HU Deputy Board Chairperson Prof. Imana Getu in his keynote address said that “I entrust this year’s graduates to serve our people honestly and faithfully in the fields they have studied and eliminate the problems that our people have.”

In addition, he urged the graduate students to contribute their utmost share so that our country can be peaceful, and use its natural and human resources to reach a better stage, he added. Ethiopians require your genuine support, service, and labour.

As a result, the graduates must provide genuine and excellent services that would help other fellowships ensure Ethiopia’s resurrection. Mayor of Maya City Efrah Wazir (PhD) and Civil Service Commission Deputy Commissioner Simegn Wubie both attended the graduation ceremony. In addition, Alumni commemorated their 40th year in the program.