Haramaya University Honors the Editorial Board Members of Journals


The Office of the Vice President for Research Affairs of Haramaya University organized an event to recognize editorial board members of the five academic journals.

According to Chanyalew Seyoum (PhD), Director for Research Extension and Publication, the University currently runs five journals, namely, East African Journal of Sciences, Haramaya Law Review, East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, East African Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences, and East African Journal of Animal and Veterinary Science. Of these journals, East African Journal of Sciences, Haramaya Law Review, and East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities are among the first nationally accredited journals in Ethiopia on December, 2020 by Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MOSHE).

The University Research Extension and Publication Office truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of the editorial board members for this achievement, the Office announced.

The Office also appreciates the continuous support of the University management, reviewers, technical editors, authors, and other stakeholders who directly and indirectly contributed in this achievement. According to Dr Chanyalew Seyoum,  the current editorial members of the journals were honored for their professional contribution and outstanding achievement. He further indicated that the editorial board members are working hard to further enhance the quality of the journals which will in turn improve University’s visibility at national and international levels.

The research office recognized editorial board members of EAJS (Professor Nigussie Dechassa, Professor Mengistu Ketema, and Dr Habtamu Terefe), editorial board members of HLR (Dr Richard Wentzell, Mr Gadisa Tesfaye, Mr Serkalem Eshetie), editorial board members of EAJSSH (Dr Adinew Tadesse, Dr Gutema Emana and Mr Birhanu Midekso), editorial board members of EAJHBS (Dr Bizatu Mengistie, Mr Zelalem Teklemariam, and Mr Teshager Worku), and editorial board members of EAJVAS (Professor Mengistu Urge, Dr Birhanu Sibhat, and Dr Buruk Abreha).

Dr Chanyalew reaffirmed that his office will continue supporting the endeavors of the editorial board members in further improving the quality of the journals. The Office will work together with the editorial board members in improving the online management of the journals as well as indexing the journals in internationally reputable indexing data basis.

During the ceremony, one of the recognized editors, Professor Nigussie  Dechassa, appreciated the management and underlined the importance of such recognition to promote commitment and outstanding performance among the staff  in different areas.



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