Haramaya University has provided food support to needy families


As part of its humanitarian effort to the COVID-19 response, Haramaya University provided food support to 378 needy families worth more than 935,000 (nine hundred twenty thousand) birr.

A two-month food and cleaning supplies was distributed to family heads that are unable to do their jobs because of the limited movement implemented to curb the spread of COVID-19.

During the ceremony, University President, Dr. Jamal Yousuf said, “Haramaya University has been working to reduce and prevent the spread of the virus in the community since the first case was confirmed in the country. The food support, today, is part of the humanitarian effort to alleviate the problem of the local families in need who have been affected by the current crisis.”

According to Prof. Mengistu Urege, Academic Vice-president of the University and COVID-19 Task Force Logistic Team Coordinator, the University distributed “40kg maize, 20kg sorghum, 15kg teff, 15kg haricot bean, 25kg macaroni, 5kg rice, 5kg oat, 4kg soya bean, 3 liter edible oil, 200ml sanitizer, and two soap bars to each family; the support given to one family cost Birr 3870 (three thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven), with the total support for the households cost Birr 688,860.00 (six hundred eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and sixty)”.

Mayor of Haramaya Town, Mr. Jaffer Yusuf, urged the public to take precautionary measures as the virus poses a serious threat to the public and the country. He thanked the University for its support to those affected by the virus and said they would work with different organizations to reach out to those in need to prevent the problem from escalating.

The University also donated food supplies worth Birr 246,548.00 (two hundred forty-six thousand five hundred forty-eight) to 200 households in need in Gurawa Town, East Hararghe Zone.


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