Haramaya University Donates Fishing Equipment


Haramaya University Office of Vice President for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development donated fishing equipment for two small scale fishermen’s associations on June 17, 2021 at Haramaya Lake.

According to Dr. Negassi Ameha, Leader of Livestock Sector for the Project on Integrated Development of Lake Haramaya Watershed, among the activities of the office Participatory Integrated Development of Lake Haramaya Watershed is a project functioning around water shed of Lake Haramaya.

A number of environmental, social and economic factors characterize the Watershed of Lake Haramaya. These include physiographic factors (size, shape, slope, and drainage pattern and land use of the Watershed), quality and quantity of vegetation, amount and intensity of rainfall, production and productivity of agriculture, production of fish, creation of alternative income sources and demographic profile and infrastructure.

Dr. Negasi added that being aware of this situation, Haramaya University has taken the lead to support the community involved in fishing activity by the Project on Integrated Development of Lake Haramaya Watershed.

The Project involves full participation of the community and consultations of other key stakeholders in order to achieve quantifiable impacts on rehabilitation of the Lake, other water resources and improve food security and livelihood the community in the Watershed in sustainable manner.

After the return of the Lake, communities found around the Lake started fishing and lakeside refreshments. However, the fishermen were not fully organized and equipped with facilities and the University fulfilled their requests, it was indicated.

Fishing is an alternative income source and directly involves in food security. Communities involved in the fishing activities protect the Lake from overuse of the water and water wastage.

They will also involve in cleaning the lake from wastes from the town and plastic water containers. Hence, Haramaya University organized associations working on fish in collaboration with Haramaya Woreda livestock and fisheries and small scale enterprise offices from communities living around the Lake.

The fishing equipment include are 2 wooden boats; 2 gill nets; 1 casting net; 10 fish creates; 2 hand carts ; 100 meter thick plastic rope and 2 plastic buckets.It’s total cost is 99200 (Ninety Nine Thousand & two Hadred Birr).

Following the handing over of the equipment, Dr Jemal Yusuf, President of Haramaya University, said the University has put in place a project that is tasked with the restoration of Lake Haramaya and possible activities that could be done after its restoration.

Various activities that would benefit the surrounding community are being conducted, Dr Jemal added.

He further noted that the University is in particular supporting the youth in their endeavor of environmental protection and fishery.

Other activities are underway including planting of trees, proper utilization of the Lake using scientific methods and making it a tourist destination, among others, according to the President.

Among the beneficiaries, a leader of the Maya Fishing Association, Remedan Haji Ali & a member of an association, Sayo Mume, expressed their gratitude and said they are proud and thankful to Haramaya University for providing these materials that will help their association to be efficient and effectively able to harvest fish and make a living.

They also said the donation helps them in cleaning the Lake from contaminants and able to create recreation area around it.

During the handover ceremony of the fishing equipment, Ato Seyfu Abdulahi, an expert of

Fishery at Haramaya Woreda Livestock and Fisheries and Small Scale Enterprise Office, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the University in supporting the unemployed youth to make them employed and generate income to improve their livelihood.


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