Haramaya University President, Dr. Jemal Yusuf and Bread & Bethelihem Tesema, Executive Director of Bread and Water for Africa, a branch   in US charity organization called Christian Relief Service held discussion on February 10, 2022 at president office on the donations provided before and their future bilateral connection.

During the discussion, it was stated that Christian Relief Service currently works with ten African countries including Ethiopia through Haramaya University,  which has worked in partnership with Christian Relief service for more than a decade and whose connection is still very strong.

Dr. Jamal Yusuf, President of Haramaya University, said the University has distributed books donated by the charity to local schools and educational institutions located in Bale and Wollo. Haramaya University has also distributed the donated medical equipment and medicines worth of millions of birr to Hiot Fana Specialized Referral Teaching Hospital, Haramaya, Girawa and Deder Hospitals in the Eastern Hararge Zone and has recently delivered medical equipment purchased by the charity for more than 2.7 million birr to the Akesta General Hospital destroyed by the terrorist TPLF in South Wollo Zone.

After the discussion Bethelihem Tesema said “I have understood that the University is ready to meet the needs of the community as it is working for the benefit of the community in all parts of the country.”

 “We made fruitful discussions with the President of Haramaya University and other stakeholders to further strengthen many projects that can support the country,” she added.

 According to Bethelihem, the partnership between Christian Relief Service and Haramaya University is very fruitful and strong, and she hopes it will continue more in a better manner.

 Lastly she has received a certificate of appreciation from the hand of the University’s president Dr. Jamal Yusuf.

After the discussion she visited some hospitals and institutions in East Harerge zone, which need more supports.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Photograph: Fuad Ahmed