Haramaya University Confers the Rank of Professorship to Dr. Mahilla Dejene

Haramaya University’s Administrative Board awards the rank of full Professorship in plant pathology to Dr. Mashilla Dejene, on February 19/2022.

Mashilla Dejene Woldemichel is an Ethiopian, born from his father Mr Dejene Woldemichael Woldekiros, and his mother Mrs Mintiwab Mengistu Getahun, in Dugdaa Village, Chilalo District of Arsi Zone, Ethiopia, on 23 Tikimt 1946 E.C. (30 October 1953).

He speaks Amharic, English, and Oromic languages. By religion, he is a follower of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, with marital status, i.e. married to Mrs Alemtsehay Berihun Alabash and father of two children (Eskinder Mashilla and Edengenet Mashilla).

Mashilla Dejene Woldemichael attended his elementary education at Munessa Elementary School, Chilalo District, Arsi Province, during 1957-1960 E.C. (1964 to 1968); attended his junior education at Sagure Junior School, Chilalo district (Grades 7 & 8) in 1961 E.C. (1968 to 1969). He attended his high school education (secondary school) at the then Assela Ras Darge Comprehensive Secondary School (later Assela Comprehensive High Secondary School), Assela (Arsi) from 1962-1965 E.C. (1969 to 1973) in the Art Stream.

After taking the Ethiopian Schools Leaving Certificate Examination (ESLCE) in 1965 E.C., he joined the Department of Biology (Life Science Stream) at the then Haile-Selassie I University (HSIU), now Addis Ababa University, in 1966 E.C. (for his first degree) and was transferred to the then Alemaya College of Agriculture (now Haramaya University) in 1969 E.C., studied from 1966 to 1972 E.C. (1973 to 1980) and obtained his BSc Degree in Plant Sciences from the then Alemaya University of Agriculture (AUA), under Addis Ababa University, in 1972 E.C. (1980) in the middle of the academic year.

After graduating with a BSc Degree, he was employed as a Graduate Assistant [Jimma College of Agriculture from 1972 to 1974 E.C. (1980 to 1982)] by the Higher Education Commission in 1972 EC. And assigned to the Jimma Institute of Agriculture, JIA, (later named as Jimma College of Agriculture, JCA). He joined the then Department of Plant Sciences (now School of Plant Sciences) at the then Alemaya College of Agriculture in 1977 E.C. to pursue for MSc Degree (second degree) from 1977 to 1980 E.C (1984 to 1988) and graduated with an MSc Degree in Crop Protection (Plant Pathology stream) from the then Alemaya University of Agriculture, AUA) (now Haramaya University) in 1980 E.C. (1988). He joined the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), at the Department of Ecology and Crop Production Sciences (EVP), Upsala (Sweden) in 1998 to pursue his PhD degree (tertiary degree) from March 1998 to 14 May 2004 and graduated with Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Plant Pathology from the same University in May 2004.

Mashilla Dejene Woldemichael has taught several courses at different levels at Jimma College of Agriculture and Alemaya University of Agriculture, AUA (now Haramaya University); he has been serving in this University since Tikimt 1985 E.C. (October 1992). Previously, he has served as Section Head of Plant Protection (from 1982 to 1984); and Head of Department of Plant Sciences for many years (1988 to 1992) at the then Jimma College. Similarly, he has been Head of the Department of Plant Sciences at AUA from July 1993 to April 1995, and Head of the Department of Plant Production and Protection at Haramaya University for four years each.

Furthermore, he has served and coordinated as an Associate Dean of the Continuing Education Program (CEP) and Summer Postgraduate Programs at the same University. Besides, he has coordinated the Maize Improvement Programme at AUA for one year; served as SGC chairperson in the School of Plant Sciences for one year (2015 to 2016); served as chairperson/secretary for several ad hoc committees [rapporteur for HU Research Review Workshops; student dormitory pesticide spray; staff promotion committees; module team; purchasing evaluation committees; Board of Examiners (BoE), various ad hoc committees at University-wise, CAES and School levels, to list some]. Long ago, he served as a Development Agent in the Ministry of Coffee and Tea Development stationed at Gore (Allee District, the then Illubabor Province, and now Illu-Ababor Zone) for one year (1970 E.C., 1977/1978). Furthermore, he has advised several MSc students and some PhD students and is still advising postgraduate students (advised over 34 MSc and 3 PhD students to completion up to August 2021).

Dr. Mashilla Dejene Woldemichael has over 50 sole and co-authored publications (articles) in national and international peer-reviewed journals.