Haramaya University Confers the Rank of Professorship


Haramaya University’s Administrative Board Awards the Rank of Full Professorship in Biomedical Sciences, Food Safety and Zoonosis to Dr. Adem Hiko.

Dr. Adem Hiko Woshie was born on 16 June, 1978 at Goonosa Burkitu Kebele in Gedeb Assasa District, West Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State. He attended his primary education at Goonos Burkitu Primary School, Junior School at Kore Junior School, Senior Secondary School at Assasa Senior Secondary School and High School Educations at Kofale High School. He joined Addis Ababa University in November 1993 and graduated with Diploma in Animal Health Assistant in 1995. After serving Oromia Regional State Agriculture Bureau for three years, he joined Addis Ababa University as an advanced standing student and graduated with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in July 2005. In Novomber 2005, he joined Addis Ababa University, School of Graduate Studies and earned MSc degree in Tropical Veterinary Public Health in August 2007. After serving Haramaya University for three years, Dr Adem Hiko joined Free University of Berlin in Germany for PhD study. Thus, from April 2011 to April 2014 he attended course work and publications based PhD study in Biomedical Sciences at Dahlem Research School. At the same time, Dr. Adem Hiko attended Desertion based PhD study in Biomedical Sciences at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and earned his PhD in September 2017. The title of his PhD dissertation is ‘Zoonotic and Spoilage Bacteria in a Meat Production and Processing Line in Ethiopia’. He published four (4) articles out of his dissertation in reputable international journals.


In 2017 Dr. Adem Hiko attended Training Course on “Food Processing and Packaging Technology (Meat, Dairy Product, Honey, etc) for Ethiopia, 2017” in Changsha, Hunan, The People’s Republics of China. He also received Faculty Exchange Program in 2019 for 3 and half months at Michigan State University, USA.


Dr. Adem Hiko worked for Haramaya University as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in teaching, research, community and outreach services for over 10 effective years. This provided him the opportunity to enhance his academic career. During this period, he has been teaching various 8 undergraduate and 6 postgraduate courses in the area of his expertise.


Dr. Adem Hiko has so far supervised 16 MSc and more than 20 DVM students to successful completion of their Thesis. He also served as an external examiner to Masters and DVM students as well as curriculum reviewer of other universities in Ethiopia. Dr. Adem’s research expertise and academic interests span across broader issues of Veterinary Public Health, mainly focusing on Zoonosis, Food processing and safety, Antimicrobial resistance, and Climate change and animal health risk. Since 2008 to date, he has published 42 articles in reputable international and national journals, one book chapter, one abstracts, two proceedings, and three conference papers. His other professional services include active involvement as an editorial board of various Journals and anonymous reviewer of many articles submitted for publication in national and international journals.


Dr. Adem Hiko has held various administrative positions during his tenure at Haramaya University. Among the positions he held are Research Coordinator at College of Veterinary Medicine, Editorial Manager of East African Journal of  Sciences, and Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally, he has been actively participating in various committees including Animal Ethic Committee, Appointment, Promotion, Scholarship and Recruitment Committee member in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Haramaya University.  Dr. Adem also actively involved in various community services. Some of them are providing Training on ‘Dairy Processing and Safety‘ to Agro-pastoralist, Milk traders and Livestock Expertise; Training on ‘Food Sefety, Meat Haygiene and the Processing Technolohy‘ to professionals and Food Handlers, as well as control/ regulator of Livestock and Zoonotic Diseases.


Dr. Adem Hiko expressed his happiness for earning the rank of full Professor and wholeheartedly thanked his students, co-workers and friends, Haramaya University management who served at various times, and his family for the unreserved support and encouragement he has received in the endeavor to reach to this high rank of academic title.


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