Haramaya University’s Administrative Board awards the rank of full Professorship in Animal Nutrition and Physiology to Dr. Mengistu Urge.

Dr. Mengistu Urge Letta was born on 26 July, 1968 at a small town, located between Sheno and Debre brehan, called Checki, Amhara National Regional State. He attended his primary education at Checki Primary School and his Junior and Secondary Educations at Sheno Senior Secondary School. He joined Haramaya University in November 1986 and graduated with Diploma in Animal Science and Technology in 1988. After serving Haramaya University in a position of Technical Assistant for three years, he joined Haramaya University again as an advanced standing student and graduated with BSc degree in Animal Science in August 1993. After serving for two years, he joined Haramaya University, School of Graduate Studies and earned MSc degree in Animal Production in July 1998. Between April 2003 and May 2007, Dr Mengistu Urge attended his PhD study and obtained PhD degree in Animal Physiology from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

Dr. Mengistu Urge worked for Haramaya University as a technical and graduate assistant, lecturer, assistant professor and associate professor for over 30 effective years. This provided him the opportunity to enhance his academic career. During this period, he has been teaching various undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

In 2000/2001 Dr. Mengistu Urge obtained position of visiting scholar at Langston University, USA, for 6 months duration and involved in a research project titled ‘Evaluating growth performance of four USA goat breeds at different levels of concentrate diets’. He also obtained a position of visiting scholar for the 2nd time for one year(2014/15) at Langston University and involved in a research project titled‘Resilience of sheep and goat breeds to restricted water availability, specifically a method to evaluate resilience to restricted water availability’.He has served as a leader and scientist in a project called ‘The pro-poor goat extension project’ at Haramaya University, which was funded by the People of the United States through Langston University.

Dr. Mengistu urge has so far supervised 160 MSc and 20 PhD students to successful completion of their thesis and dissertation. He also served as an external examiner to 30 Masters and 4 PhD studentsof other universities in Ethiopia. Dr. Mengistu’s research expertise and academic interests span across broader issues of Animal Science fields, mainly focusing on Animal Nutrition and Stress Physiology. Since 2004 to date, he has published 147 articles in reputable international and national journals, 8 abstracts, 4 short papers, and over 20 proceedings and conference papers. His other professional services include active involvement as an anonymous reviewer of many articles submitted for publication in international and local journals.

Dr. Mengistu has held various administrative positions during his tenure at Haramaya University. Among the positions he held areHead Department of Animal Science, Department Research Coordinator, Small Ruminant Research Coordinator, Associate Research Director, Director for Research Groups and Partnership, and Director for Postgraduate Program Directorate.

Dr. Mengistu Urge expressed his happiness for earning the rank of full Professor and wholeheartedly thanked his students, co-workers and friends, Haramaya University management who served at various times, and above all his wife, kids and whole family for the unreserved support and encouragement he has received in the endeavor to reach to this high rank of academic title.