Haramaya University Confers Full Professorship
Haramaya University has conferred the rank of Full Professorship on Dr. Negussie Bussa.
Negussie Bussa (PhD) is one of senior faculty members of Haramaya University. He was born to Bussa Fedhassa Birratie and Biriki Challa Gondole in 1962 in Ambo. He attended his primary and secondary school educations at Merge Hiwot Haile Selassie I Secondary School, Ambo. He was accepted to Science Faculty of Addis Ababa University to study medicine, but later transferred to the then Alemaya College of Agriculture in 1978, and he graduated with BSc degree in Animal Science in July, 1981.
In September 1981, he joined the graduate program of Alemaya College of Agriculture, under the auspices Addis Ababa University, and obtained his MSc in 1984. In 1991, he was enrolled at the Iowa State University of Science and Technology, where he completed his PhD in Physiology and Biochemistry in 1995. He also won a scholarship to study Teaching Techniques at Egerton University, Nakuru and Kenyatta University College, Nairobi, Kenya.
Dr. Negussie is a great role model for the rest academic community of HrU in furthering academic qualifications. He studied Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and successfully completed them. He also studied Pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy, College of Health and Medical Sciences (CHMS) and graduated with BPharm, upon which he has become a registered Pharmacist.
In the last 40 years of his teaching experience, Dr. Negussie Bussa served in different Colleges of the University. He taught Biochemistry, Medical Physiology, Nutrition and Enzymology to Medical, Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biology, Agriculture, Food Science and Sport Science students at MSc and PhD levels. He also taught Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Microbiology at the University of St. Kate, USA and Mathematics at the Metropolitan State University, USA.
Moreover, he has supervised more than 60 MSc and PhD students, which is an auspicious opportunity for him to have published over 40 scientific articles in internationally reputable journals. As also a part of his academic masterpieces, he has so far produced four laboratory manuals being in use.
In addition to his academic engagements, Dr. Negussie has been an active participant in several committees established by HrU at different times and has had influential administrative roles. Notably, he served as a chairman of Animal Ethics Committee and Chemical Waste Disposal Committee. As far as university positions are concerned, he served as Director of Research Facilities and Director of University Laboratory Management from 2010 to 2020. He was also served as a Vice President of Ethiopian Laboratory Association. He attended several skills-building training, seminars, conferences and workshops in science and education in the country.
Furthermore, Dr. Negussie served the surrounding community through teaching Chemistry to the Model High School of Haramaya University and being a pharmacist in Clinics and Hospital of the University.
It is because of his above-mentioned versatile and considerably influential works that the University Senate and the University Board have promoted him to the rank of Full Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiological Science. Congratulations, Professor Negussie Bussa!
February 19/2022