The 18th International Anti-Corruption Day was celebrated at Haramaya University under the motto ‘Ethical Leadership for Corruption-Free Ethiopia’, at Afran Kalo Hall December 09, 2021

Haramaya University Vice President for Administration and Student Affairs and Delegated President Professor Jeylan Wolyie said that the University has been celebrating Anti-Corruption day in the past and it is celebrating in present at a good manner, and the commemoration of the day will help to remind all staff members to take responsibility for the University’s efforts to reduce corruption and malpractice at the community level.

Professor Jeylan added that, the University is working to strengthen the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate and improve practices in all departments to prevent malpractices and corruption. He connoted that all workers to play their part in strengthening the fight against corruption, which is one of the major causes of the crisis in the country.

On the occasion, a research paper was presented by Mr. Nuru Beyan, a Lecture at Haramaya University Law College that focused on; the issues and the root causes, economic impact of corruption and efforts made to combat corruption in Ethiopia.

Zelalem Desalegn, Director of the Haramaya University Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate, said that the directorate is working to create awareness focusing on prevention of corruption. He called up on all members of the University community to take part in anti-corruption work and report misconducts to help the University’s effort in fighting corruption.

The participants of the forum indicted that, corruption become deep-rooted problem that created misuse of power for personal gain, and requested for more attention to be paid on create awareness among the community to prevent corruption and malpractices.

Besides, winner students of the Question and Answering competition were awarded on the occasion. Anti-Corruption Day was celebrated for the 18th time internationally and for the 17th time in Ethiopia.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Photograph: Fuad Amed