Graduate Student Projects Inaugurated

Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences’ 2024 graduating class students completed multiple projects in Kombolcha town and held an inauguration ceremony on June 1, 2024.

Graduate Student Projects Inaugurated

The Chief Executive Director of Haramaya University’s College of Health and Medical Sciences, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, announced that this year, the University has sent two groups of students for task-oriented group training (TTP). In the latest round, 459 health and medical sciences graduates were assigned to eight woredas of the East Hararghe districts of Oromia Regional State, including Maya City. They educated the community about healthcare, and environmental cleanliness, and provided medical services in health facilities.

students have designed a project

“He mentioned that the students have designed a project and are carrying out implementation work on issues identified by research as causing health problems. The projects are worth 4.5 million Birr and include communal toilets, construction of clean drinking water facilities, accommodation in schools to ensure female students are not separated from school during menstruation, and accommodation for pregnant mothers in health facilities. The students have successfully built these projects.”

Dr. Ahmed mentioned

Dr. Ahmed mentioned that students took part in the Team Training Program (TTP) in East Hararghe, which focused on community-oriented practical education. The TTP showed that significant work can be done quickly, at minimal cost, and with community participation. The graduating students demonstrated in practice that it is possible to address health issues by coordinating with the community, added Dr. Ahmed.

Dr. Jamal Jabir

Dr. Jamal Jabir, Deputy Administrator of Kombolcha District, praised the students for their dedication to addressing societal issues. He highlighted the achievements of the graduate students from Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences, noting that they have been involved in various community projects, including working in a community pharmacy. In the latest project, the graduate students constructed a community toilet to address the lack of restroom facilities in the marketplace, along with other problem-solving initiatives.

The Deputy Administrator mentioned

The Deputy Administrator mentioned that both the district and city administration fully supported the efforts. He expressed gratitude to the graduating candidates and stakeholders for their contributions to problem-solving and encouraged all involved parties to apply this experience to address community issues in every aspect of their work.

Rediet Belay

Rediet Belay, Abdurehim Nurahmed, and Tsiyon Daniel, recent graduates, expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to observe community life before entering the workforce.

They highlighted

They highlighted the Task Oriented Team Practice (TTP) program as a valuable learning experience, providing them with problem-solving skills to address societal challenges.

development of communication

They also emphasized the development of communication skills and the ability to turn problems into opportunities, which they believe will benefit their future careers.

By: – Shemsedin Mohammed

Photographer: – Behaylu Girma

Haramaya University Public and International Relations Directorate