By Sileshi Yilma & Fitsum Fisseha

The first round of training which was organized for Haramaya University (HU) Campus Police will be finalized on September 23, 2014 at the Main Campus.

The training, which started on September 06, 2014, attracted 131 trainees, out of which six are females.

According to Commander Eshetu Kebede, coordinator of HU Campus Police, the training includes both theoretical as well as practical sessions. It was planned following a thorough assessment of the loopholes observed on the Campus Police, he explained.

Commander Eshetu also said that the training was designed in accordance with the existing realities and contexts of HU and the surrounding areas.

The theoretical aspects of the training focused on law-related topics including the Ethiopian Constitution and human rights, among others. The practical part, on the other hand, was intensive and included various physical as well as body building exercises. The overall training was offered from 5a.m up to 5p.m., Commander Ehetu explained in an interview with HU FM 91.5’s “Law and Community” program.

The second round training is expected to resume in the coming few days. 107 members of HU Campus Police, out of which seven are females, will take part in the training. In addition, around 26 local militia members, who assisted the University in various occasions, are participants of the two rounds session.

The training is delivered by experts drawn from Dire Dawa Police Commission, HU and other nearby offices.