The 36th Annual Research Extension and Community Engagement Review Workshop was undertaken for three days from 28 to 30 March 2019. The first day of the workshop was a community day where presentations and discussions were made in Afan Oromo as all issues were related to technology dissemination and community related engagements.

Dr. Jemal Yousuf, Acting President, in his opening speech indicated that Haramaya University is pioneering extension activities in the country with the University starting extension activities even before Ministry of Agriculture. Haramaya University is currently undertaking many research and extension activities on broader areas and it is difficult for the University to achieve its targets without the involvement and support of the wider community in its surrounding.

Six presentations were made in the morning session. Mr. Feyisa Hundessa presented details of extension activities that have been undertaken in East Hararghe and West Hararghe zones of Oromia Region, Harari Region and Dire Dawa Administration. Dr. Bulti Tesso presented plans of BENEFIT-REALISE Project, a project recently launched with financial support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia. Following that, Mr. Dendena presented achievements and performances of BENEFIT-ISSD Project, another project funded by the Netherlands that has been implemented for the past ten years in Ethiopia. Mr. Berhanu Demisie followed these presentations with details of what the CHAMPS Project is doing in Kersa and Harar areas. Finally, Dr. Abdi Mohammed highlighted another new project on Aflatoxin which is funded by the African Union Commission. The afternoon session was devoted to community discussions. Community members raised important questions and comments on what has been done and on the way forward.

The highlight for the second day of the workshop was the presence of H.E. Mr. Raphael Morav, Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda. Mr. Morav presented the Israeli experience in integration of technology and agriculture to enhance the development of a country’s economy. Mr. Morav further indicated that Ethiopia is a country with potential to further its advancements in agriculture and improved agricultural technologies. On a similar note, Fair Planet also showed the projects they have been carrying out at Dire Dawa Tony Research Station and the progress they have made in changing the lives of farmers.

In addition to the research activity reports and introduction of new projects, research projects funded by four categories of research grants were peer reviewed. An exhibition displaying the research outputs, innovative technologies and publications was also organized.