Development Projects of Prospective Graduates Inaugurated

Various development projects, developed by Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences graduate students of 2014, were inaugurated in Harari Regional State in collaboration with the community and institutions.

The projects are estimated to cost more than 4 million birr.

The beneficiaries of the projects stated that the development projects carried out by coordinating the society and the stakeholders have provided solutions to the problems that are observed in the society.

Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences Chief Executive Director, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed, said that this year’s graduating students of the College have built development projects in cooperation with the government and the community to enhance the development activities of the Region.

The graduate students conducted research on the problems faced by the communities in the 7 districts of the Region and completed 14 projects that include public latrines, maternal waiting area, Autism center, septic tank and a maternity care center at the health center as well as the drilling of well water for agriculture, it was announced.

For the implementation of the budget of the projects, the graduate students expressed that they mobilized the community, government institutions and other stakeholders.

Dr. Ahmed added that the students of the College are increasing the benefits of the residents of the Region through the development work they do every year to enhance the benefit of the community.

At the inauguration ceremony of the projects held in different places, head of Harari Region Health Bureau, Mr. Yasin Abdullahina, his deputy, and the Director of the Directorate of Community Development and Participation of Haramaya University, Dr. Admasu Bogale, the medical doctor of the Hiwot Fana Specialized Hospital, Dr. Abdi Amin, the heads of the College of Health and Medical Sciences and officials of the respective districts were present.

Officials reiterated that the students are benefiting the institutions and the community through the development work they are doing.