Department of Information Science Conducts National Curricula Review and Validation Workshop


Haramaya University College of Computing & Informatics Department of Information Sciences conducted a national curriculum validation workshop for M.Sc. in Information Science and M.Sc. in Data Science at University’s Resource Center on August 20, 2021.

According to Mr. Jemal Abate, Head of Department of Information Science, the main objective of the workshop is to review the existing MSc Curriculum in Information Science and to validate a new curriculum for MSc in Data Science. The Data Science program will be launched for the coming academic year to meet the human resource need of the market.

Mr. Kasahun Takele, Dean of College of Computing & Informatics, said that data science is one of the most rapidly developing disciplines. It is a field that can be approached from several point of view such as ethics, methodology, business models, how to deal with big data, data engineering, data governance, etc, he added.

It was indicated that all formal & needful procedures were initiated and completed by the College & Department.

Prof. Mengistu Urge, Vice President for Academic Affairs, on his opening speech said since Haramaya University is one of the research universities, we are striving to achieve our goal through seeking and planning for collaboration within the University and other nearby sister universities.

comments and suggestions were forwarded from the reviewers and the participants. The workshop was attended by distinguished guests from internal and external review examiners as well as the academic community of the Haramaya University. Constructive

Dr. Yilfashewa Seyoum, Director of Academic Programs of Haramaya University, on his closing speech said this workshop provided varieties of exchanges of ideas, knowledge and skills in the area of the academic program.

Dr Yilfashew further indicated it is not only a step forward in postgraduate specialization development initiatives, but also a very valuable to the overall sector in higher education.


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