Haramaya University department of Economics in college of Business and Economics has conducted an Internal Curriculum Review at the University’s Resource Center on November 5, 2020, to establish MSc program in “Development Economics”.

In the workshop opening ceremony, Mr. Henok Semaw, Dean of Business and Economics College, said that the curriculum review workshop plays a significant role for the enrichment of the curriculum draft. The program is designed to realize the broader objective of producing competent academicians, researchers, practitioners and policy makers in development economics. “Development Economic focuses on the fundamental force of economic growth and transformation.

The relevance of this program is to make development policy and practice remain undiminished by a greater recognition of market forces and free international trade to maximize social welfare. According to our college in postgraduate program, this Master of Development Economics is going to be the third program next to Master of Business administration (MBA) and Master of Energy Economy, in a near future another Master level programs will be lunched” added Mr. Henok Semaw.

Dr. Feyera Densa, Director of post graduate program directorate, in his turn, said “As we all know our University has been selected to act as Research centered University, so after assessing the need in the country level; lunching such a post graduate program is very essential and it is timely. This internal curriculum review workshop is very important to lead this draft Development Economics Curriculum for further external review process. When the curriculum is approved and launched, it helps to produce literate human power in the field of Development Economics in our locality and in a country level.”

The participants of the workshop and the internal reviewers forwarded their appreciations, suggestions and constructive comments to the stage and then the discussion was made based on the comments raised from the participants and reviewers.
Lastly, Professor Mengistu Urge, Vice president for Academic affairs, in the workshop closing ceremony, said that such internal curriculum review workshop is important to improve the ongoing curriculum and to look over again considering the raised comments and suggestions. Professor Mengistu also said that the developers of this curriculum should be appreciated.“In the next five Years, our University will become one of the research Universities in the county,so opening such a postgraduate program is very important because it could foster the process to be a research University. For that reason, we encourage lunching such a postgraduate programs if the need assessment is conducted correctly and the result indicates necessity” added professor Mengistu.

As indicated in the drafted curriculum document, the overall objective of the program is to teach students in the field of Development Economics and enable them to conduct rigorous problem solving research. After successful completion of the program graduates are expected to contribute to the advancement of the country’s economy.