“Community Participation for Institutional Change”

Haramaya University’s Hiwot Fana Specialized Hospital held a discussion with community representatives from East Hararghe zone districts and the Harari region.

On the same day, a monitoring and control committee was established to enable the community to contribute to the improvement of the hospital’s services. The hospital also inaugurated a community drug store named the “Chefea Model” to stabilize the price increase that patients face at private drug stores. Mrs. Misra Abdella, the Vice President of Harari Region and the Head of the Regional Agriculture Office and the Chairman of the Hospital Board, said that the pharmacy will provide medicines at affordable prices and eliminate the unnecessary price increases that the community has been experiencing.

Dr. Abdi Amin, Head of Medical Services at Hiwot Fana Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, said that they held the discussion with community representatives from all the districts of the Eastern Hararghe Zone and different districts of the Harari region under the theme of “Community Participation for Institutional Change” to help improve the hospital’s service delivery.

Noting that Haramaya University’s Hiwot Fana hospital is providing many health services in the eastern part of the country; Mr. Mohamadin Kebir Husain, the board member of the hospital and the head of the health office of the Eastern Hararghe zone, promised that his office will work closely and collaboratively to close the gaps in the hospital’s services.

Likewise, Mr. Yasin Abdulahi, head of the Harari Region Health Bureau and the hospital’s board member, said that the hospital is constantly working closely with the community to improve the provision of health services.

Appreciating the hospital’s services being expanded time after time, the community representatives who participated in the discussion recommended that its service delivery system should be improved more than it is now.

The community has become aware of the various efforts we exert to provide quality services to the community, according to Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, Chief Executive Director of Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Sciences.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Camera: Fuad Ahmed