College of Veterinary Medicine in collaboration with the Vice-president for Community Engagement and Enterprises Development and Harari People Region Agricultural Bureau gave training on heat-estrus detection in dairy cows, semen handling, artificial insemination and minor surgical techniques for 53 trainees.

The training coordinator and acting dean of the College, Dr. Adem Hiko, told us that the training was given to field animal health professionals including veterinarians, animal health assistants and artificial insemination technicians who are working in Harari Region Agricultural Bureau and to dairy farm owners who came from the Region. Of the 53 trainees, 23 were field professional and while the rest we dairy farm owners.

During the closing ceremony Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik, Vice-president for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development, said, “As a University, we have many experts, especially, on the animal and plant fields, the community can send their needs officially to the University and can exploit the knowledge [there exists]. Supporting the community is one of from our obligations, so that, we are happy to work with you in different activities as usual.”

At the end of the training, certificates were given to the trainees, co-coordinators as well as for the trainers.