Haramaya University College of Education and Behavioral Sciences Higher Diploma Program Coordinating Office in collaboration with the Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs and Career Development Services & Deliver logy Directorate conducted induction training from June 24 to July 3, 2021 at Harar Campus.

70 newly employed health profession teachers took part in the training.

According to Ato Seyoum Shege, coordinator of the training, the main objectives of the induction is to create awareness on the major theoretical backgrounds of teaching and learning in higher education; share experiences from more experienced instructors in teaching and learning in HEI; enhance better adjustment of the new instructors to the social and academic atmosphere of teaching and learning and organizational behavior and promote the knowledge and skill in the profession of teaching and learning in higher education institution.
The training also aimed at acculturating the trainees to the vision and mission of HEI in general and the University in particular and promote understanding of role and responsibilities in career and professional development; confer trainees with opportunities to reflect on their practical experiences as students and assess and comment on the previous teaching experiences ; introduce the novice instructors to the physical environment and services of the University and introduce them with the major services in ICT services and with quality assurance issues.

Ato Gemechu Abera, Dean of College of Education and Behavioral Sciences Higher Diploma Program Coordinating Office of Haramaya University, said “we learn a lot from your devotion, commitment, punctuality and professional respect and reason in devotion, the training will be one of the turning points in your field of specialization particularly those of you who want to deliver knowledge, experiences, skills and attitude.”
He added that teaching is not preaching individuals either to accept or reject ideas and concepts, but it is a means of transferring of knowledge, attitude and skills from generation to generation building blocks of cultivating economical, culture, moral, social and democratic citizenship of nation.
This training will be resulted in relative permanent change in behavior as a result of effort you did so far, Ato Gemechu underlined.
The training will assist teachers to acquire the necessary pedagogical skill and knowledge and become “adaptive experts” who are prepared for effective lifelong learning that allows them continuously add to their knowledge and skills, Ato Gemechu added.

On behalf of Vice President for Academic Affairs Office, Dr. Yadeta Desse, Dean of College of Health & Medical Sciences of Haramaya University, in his closing speech said in order to improve the long-term quality of teaching or the professional development of teachers, there is a need to strengthen not only the depth of knowledge about the subject matter but also knowledge about different pedagogies and ways of presenting specific topics and knowledge about the ways students learn, including how this knowledge can be applied into practice.

After accomplishing the 10 days training, certificates were awarded for the trainees for successfully completing the training.

Staff members who attended the training indicated that the exposure has provided them with the necessary fundamental understanding of teaching in higher education and it also laid them the foundation for lifelong learning and acculturate them to the vision of the University in particular, among others.

Among the newly employed staff members who attended the training, Dr Asiya Keder, said the training is very essential in the learning & teaching method and helps new teachers properly transfer their knowledge and skill to their students.

Another trainee, Dr. Karimo Beshir, said that the University has helped them acquire the skills needed to produce qualified Citizens in learning and teaching (pedagogy).
Similar trainings should be arranged for newly employed teachers he stressed.